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Qigong Class Descriptions

Let’s Do Qigong— Practice Intensive – Internal Qigong

This course is available to those who have already studied Spring Forest Qigong® who need limited instruction. You will be guided through the movements. This class is an experience of “internal” qigong. We will do the healing movements (moving meditation) for at least a half hour followed by the Small Universe still meditation.  This class is intended to deepen your personal practice and help you really experience the amazing effects that qigong can bring to your life. It is intended to give you a lift during your week and provide encouragement for an ongoing practice.     

This class will meet weekly and be no longer than 1 1/2 hour long. To keep on the time schedule we will start on time so we can finish on time. It will be good to come early to get yourself settled before we begin. Each class is $10. You must reserve your seat before the class.