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"The Art of Being Love"

A retreat for women!

September 29, 30 October 1, 2017

What you truly are is pure love! Let's explore living from unconditional love, joy and peace.

In order to access our inner loving heart we really do need to be here, wherever we are, in the moment. Often we are lost in our thoughts, past and future. The one place we don't visit often enough is the present. Because of this even our memories are not accurate because we weren't even "here" then!

In this retreat we will explore ways to truly be present in this moment, right now (and it's always now!)

We will honor the aspects of ourselves that wander into thoughts, then gently, lovingly invite our self into the here and now.

We will embrace all that we are, no pushing away, no clinging, just love!

Let's find out who we really are, together!

There will be many kinds of meditation using play, cooking, dance, drumming, art and awareness.

We will be sharing potluck for two lunches and a dinner so we will be nourishing each other with love. One dinner is provided the evening you arrive.

As always there will be lots of laughter, fun and sharing.

The cost of this retreat is $275—this includes lodging, materials and one dinner.

If you wish to stay an extra night before or after the retreat the cost is $50 per night.

If you pay by credit card the fees are slightly higher. For payment info please go to this page.

Register by email or phone: 763-856-4797.



This retreat will take place at beautiful Crow Wing Crest Lodge.


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