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Other services are available. Please call  or email to discuss these and how appointments can be set up.

Services Available

Personal Qigong Healing Session
Master Healer Cathy BeedleLife Coaching and Counseling
Energy Work
Spring Forest QigongPhone Healing Sessions

This is a 30 minute session in which I will help to remove your energy blockages and offer tips and exercises to help you balance your energy

Call: 763 856 4797


1 hour Session  $50.00

Small Group (2-4 people) 1 hour  $35.00 per person

Other options available

Call: 763 856 4797


Private Instruction: Spring Forest Qigong® Exercises/Meditations

Working with you to help you with emotions and life situations as you balance your energy

Call: 763 856 4797


Mentoring: helping you get the most out of your practice

These are phone sessions which are the same as a personal healing session but are conducted via the phone. I work with your energy and help you release your energy blockages and rebalance your energy so that your body can heal itself.

30 Minute Session     $40.00



Call: 763 856 4797


Appointments can be made for animals as well as people. Call or email to inquire about this service!


Qi~ssage sessions
Touch Point therapy Sessions
Spring Forest Qigong

Qi~ssage session

Call: 763 856 4797


Combination Qi~ssage and Qigong Healing Session!

Qissage and Qigong Sessions
Spring Forest Qigong

Call: 763 856 4797


Prices are subject to change.

Other services are available. Fees will be discussed when appointments are set up.

Please email or call (763-856-4797) to learn about these options.


Beginning instruction and Energy-Balancing Information Sessions!

Would you like to offer an introduction to qigong or a beginner class in your organization or  your community? 

I travel and teach beginning qigong classes based on Spring Forest Qigong® and give introductory informational talks. If you need an teacher to  offer a class in your organization or just would like a class offered in your hometown give me a call (763-856-4797) or contact me vial email.


Using touch and energy I help you to “reboot” your body's energy. For more information click here.

For those unable to participate in a healing session I will work from a distance to help loved ones balance their energy. This service is for people and animals. I will need the name, age and location of the individual being worked on.


Cost is $15 per distance session

2/$25 and 3/$30


If you wish to make payments using PayPal:

In-Person Healing Sessions

Phone Sessions

Distance Sessions

If paying by check:

Send to:

Cathy Beedle/Gentle Qigong

11311 276th Ave. NW

Zimmerman, MN 55398