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 Gentle Qigong Practice Groups
Everyone is welcome even if you’ve never experienced qigong before!





Practice Groups will begin again later in the year.


Let's Do Qigong Classes

Wednesdays from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

 January 3,10, 17, 2018              More Information Click here!












Practice Groups and Spring Forest Qigong Classes, Spring Forest Qigong Guild, Cathy Beedle Certified Instructor and Master Healer

What happens in a practice group?


In a practice group we practice about 1/2 hour of Spring Forest Qigong® active exercise and then we do a sitting meditation for about a half hour. While you are meditating I will send energy to you to help to balance your energy. We also have time for questions and help with your qigong practice.  If you are an advanced student you may have the opportunity to work with someone to practice your healing techniques.

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